Covid 19


Good News! Having spent the last few months on lockdown, we have been busy redecorating and giving the pub a new look. We will therefore be opening our doors as of Saturday 4th July.

We have completed a Government COVID 19 Risk Assessment with our staff and have implemented certain changes in line with recommendations made therein for our establishment to safeguard staff, customers, and therefore the community in general.

We will operate a one-way system. In through the front, and out through the garden gates. Sanitising stations will be set up at the entrance and at the toilets. The main protection against the virus is hygiene and maintaining your social distance. Raised voices will not be acceptable as this produces an aerosol effect therefore, any sporting events that are shown will be with a low volume.

We will be doing table service for drinks and glass collection. We will also have a new app in place so that you may order from you table, should you wish to use this type of facility. We have always had the highest standards of cleanliness throughout the pub, as can be attested by our many cellar management awards, and we will endeavour to continue this tradition to minimise any risk and keep you safe. It does go without saying that, if you are feeling unwell in anyway, please stay at home. A take-out service will still be available.

Looking forward to welcoming you all

Karen & Steve